Does one Plus fit all?

I hate when I go into a store and I see a variety of shapes such curvy, hour glass, boy shaped, pear shaped, relaxed, top heavy…. the list goes on and on, but you just see PLUS. It as if one shape fits all or one cut fits all. What a shame is, is that most plus size retailers do not delineate either. How many of us know a variety of plus size women and there bodies are extremely different. I am an hour glass shape and my best friend is pear while my other sista from another mista is boy shaped.  As we move toward Plus acceptance I think we need to also define ourselves within this structure and say just because it says 1x or 3x doesn’t mean it fits my curves the way it fits someone else body (because all plus size women are not curvy, round maybe, but not curvy), the way straight sizes have been operating for years. What’s your take? Do we need to differentiate within plus size or does 1 plus fit all?


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