Grammy’s Round Up: My 2.5 cents…as in sentences for everyone

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So lets start from the top:

Miranda Lambert: While I’m not into country, I love Miranda Lambert’s curves, she is thick where it counts, and that dress was gorg but as the blog name says, “Why are you drowning in BLACK?!?!?!?!?” I felt like that dress would have been SUPER DOPE in turquoise, something more than just black.

Adele: You finally did color, but like take your time, Sparky, you didn’t have to do every color at once. This was a nice attempt, as the cuts complemented her well, but the colors together look like a bad Valentine’s.

Esperanza Spalding: WTF, your hair was dry, a let down for curly girls everywhere and your outfit was horrible, it was an epic fail from last year. SMH.

J. LO: Your dress was dope and your body was sick as always, but I feel like you do this dress every year and I’m all for the tried and true, but that bun was hella stife. You need a piece or something to make it not so struggle bun.

Taylor Swift: I loved this dress, it did everything right. While it cememted her grown woman status, she still looked breathy and freshed face as Taylor Swift always does. I LOVED IT.

Rihanna- Rih Rih, That dress was everything! I loved your throwback to your classy throwback to your S.O.S. days hair. My only critism is this I know your biddies aren’t the biggest, but a bra would’ve have hurt the cause, I’m just saying…

Beyonce- In my heart you could do no wrong, but this pantsuit was the biggest snooze. Like her sick body helped her case, but I was severely underwhelmed by it all.

Katy Perry: This was my favorite dress of the night. She looked Aaaa-Maz-ing!!! Like there was nothing no one could say. She was just hot.

Solange- Did you steal your sister’s real dress for the evening? Cause I mean I steal my sister’s clothes from time to time, but I really hope you didn’t because I would have whooped your ass. This dress had Beyonce written all over it, but as usual Solange put her fun spin on it with her fuschia shoes and her fabulous ‘fro. I bow in your splendor.

Kelly Rowland: I love this dress, although I’m anti black…… this dress + Kelly’s body= HAWT. Like there is no other word for it. But HAWT.

What are your opinion on this grammy round up?


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