Bonkers for Bags

Sooooooooooo I have become a hermit, lol, as in a hermit for the malls, but I HAVE been keeping up with the trends. So I’m obsessed with getting a statement bag for the summer, my Michael Kors bag has been a great friend, but I do want to switch it up a little. Here are a couple of the styles I’m current trends I’m currently obsessed with:

Pastels and satchel bags, I love the structure of this bag and the color…Sigh it’s dreamy!!! It appears to be a Birkin knock of , but without dropping my entire rent check on:



I know this is supposed to be the anti-black blog, but this bag is sooooooooooo cute. I love the structure and the bow makes it a very feminine bag and takes the yawn-ablity away from the black bag and adds an element of chicness.


The studded pastel bag, this combines to trends, the rock star studded look, ala Michael Kors, and adds the fun spring buzz of a wonderful pastel. MMS Rhineston Studded Mauve

Another pastel bag…..starting to notice a pattern, lol, another obsession of mine is the color MINT, I lurve this bag, I can imagine myself swinging this bag on a summer day. The color the shape and the fact that it can look sophisticated and casual all in the same bag. It’s one of the top contenders.


Last but certainly not least is this bubbly yellow bag, a yellow bag is never out of style, it fun, it makes a statement with any outfit and especially with neutrals. I’m digging this bag….



So which bag(s) do you love? Let me know and hit the comments below.



Beauty By Me

Beauty By Me

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, I honestly have just been lazy, bu I wanted you see my new thing. I have an obscene amount of makeup to just to justify it I have been doing make up to work. Nothing is extravagant but I though it would nice to show off some of my looks. Enjoy!!!!

The Sample Society all we ask is try….

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                  So I recently signed up for Allure magazine and Sample society, it’s very similar to a curl box subscription- where you pay $15.00 a month and you get both (mostly) samples and an occasional full size item. So I received February’s and was pleasantly surprised. I received 5 items and […]

Beauty Book Review: “Better than Good Hair” by Nikki Walton

As you may or may not know, I have  dense puff ball I mean natural hair,( I wear weaves about 50%-60% of the time) but none the less I to like to educate myself on the proper care of this fro below the silky treschic tresses I am sporting.  So on to the book review:

I think this was a great book for any spectrum of natural hair, whether your transitioning,natural and still figuring it out, or a veteran in the game and looking for some new tips or maybe to try something new. It was great for me because it wasn’t just for your die hard crunchy granola head natural who wouldn’t dare touch their hair with anything that isn’t from the earth, but had something for those of us who like to shave our one side or throw in a  funky color, Nikki even advocated wearing weaves*Falls off my sofa*!!!

What sets the book apart from the website is that everything is perfectly laid out with a built in dictionary for natural speak such as TWAs (teeny weanie afro’s) and it also feature excerpts and passages from other natural bloggers/ vloggers

I really loved the fact that they gave your step by step pictorial styling instructions and she even dedicated a section on how to to henna your hair. It also featured chapters to inspire you and your children how to love your hair. At the end of the book it has a hair product guide that gave great product recommendations for every budgets

Things I’ll definitely be trying post weave: Henna glazing,trying a  funky scarf style, and definitely hitting up some of her featured bloggers and naturalistas websites.

I definitely recommend this book and I put my seal of approval on this read. Get your copy at and it’s only $8.90

Does one Plus fit all?

I hate when I go into a store and I see a variety of shapes such curvy, hour glass, boy shaped, pear shaped, relaxed, top heavy…. the list goes on and on, but you just see PLUS. It as if one shape fits all or one cut fits all. What a shame is, is that most plus size retailers do not delineate either. How many of us know a variety of plus size women and there bodies are extremely different. I am an hour glass shape and my best friend is pear while my other sista from another mista is boy shaped.  As we move toward Plus acceptance I think we need to also define ourselves within this structure and say just because it says 1x or 3x doesn’t mean it fits my curves the way it fits someone else body (because all plus size women are not curvy, round maybe, but not curvy), the way straight sizes have been operating for years. What’s your take? Do we need to differentiate within plus size or does 1 plus fit all?