So if your neurotic like me, or if you want to get it before shipping time, you will have already started planning for Valentine’s Day. Or not….. Verdict is still out  for me *side eye* but that’s for another day.

But I have been browsing the web for some cute intimates. First and foremost, do not waste your time in Victoria Secrets if your above a size 16, unless you boobies aren’t that big, I don’t think there sexy things are our sexy things. And for that matter Ashley Stewart was a big disappointment, it’s like what the hell are we all supposed to buy that one damn night gown?!?!?!?!?! Hmmph

Here are some  great online contenders:

An oldie but a goodie

Lane Bryant’s Cacique: has always been my go to for sexing it up:  Cost ($21-$43):

Spurst: The fact that they had over 883 items made them a serious contender cost is about ($20.00-$50.00)

Hips and A website dedicated to plus size lingerie and intimates, and they even have a plus size plunge bra that can fit my 38DDD/40Fs, I think I died and went to heaven, where do I sign up!  Cost $35.00-$70.00.

Spicy They go up to a 38-50, 1x-4x, so there has to be something here for everyone and the prices are decent and this is appropes if you and your man like to walk on the wild sild. *growl included, just for you ;-)” Cost… well it looks like they’re having a little sale *Drifts then comes back to post*  Oh, it’s between $60.00-$120.00 regular but this sale drops things to $30.00s- $60.00.

So whether you are dropping it low for your hon bun or having a glass of wine on your couch watching Scandal and want to look delectable doing it. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you where to go.

Till laterZ!


Comfort Alert!!!

Comfort Alert!!!

So we all know that some Forever 21 shoes can make you feel literally every cobblestone or pebble on the ground or be relegated to bar shoes status (you know the ones you walk from the car and straight to the bar stool cause they hurt so bad) these are not.
I don’t know if it’s my increasing leg work outs (urggggg! Lol) but these shoes. Come with a delectable price tag ($20.99, score!) and they can be paired with almost anything from cute jeans to a sexy sexy dress.
This was a win,win situation for me.

Get the shoes yourself:

Pushing the Envelope Weekend edition

Pushing the Envelope Weekend edition

So this was my weekend outfits.
And both outfits probably cost me under $100.00 (shoes included), so you can look fab on a budget even when your a big girl.
Friday nights outfit(to the left)
Ponte blazer (pictured in both pics) Deb Stores + shirt (Joyce Leslie purchased when I was a lot smaller!) + shorts and tights Rainbow stores + shoes ASOS.

Saturday’s Outfit (to the right) Ponte blazer+ tank (Forever21Plus) + Havoc and Harmony Jeans (Macys)+ shoes Forever21

And the winner is………

And the winner is.........

Ughhhh my skin looks horrible that close up…lol.
Let me get back to the subject at hand….
So yesterday I wanted to do a head to head competition of eye primers. Since most makeup affecionistas know that urban decay primer potion is like the GOLD standard in eye primer,but it cost $20?!?!?! For 11ml, do you know that ain’t even a teaspoon worth. Uhhhhh way too expensive for some stinking primer (insert Tony Montana voice here, lol). I wanted to find a cheaper dupe that was more in my range but provided the same quality. So I looked on YouTube (Got to love Youtube!!) and xCherryBo0m7x (a makeup affectionista like myself) recommended NYX high definition eye shadow base. So I went on to my other favorite website EBAY! (teehee) and ordered some up for $4.50 ( a 16.50 savings from primer potion) and tried it out for the head to head competition.

Both eyes have the same make up on BH cosmetics (2nd generation palate) and the right eye is Urban Decay and the left eye is NYX winner is…..

Urban Decay!!!!!! But only by a smidgen to me. Both held the pigment and although a Urban Decay has a smudge of black that I’m sure didn’t start out there, I’m sure I just didn’t blend enough. So at the end of the day, will I take the plunge and fork over the $20.00 for primer potion….. Helllllll NO! You know how many lipsticks I can get with that?!?!?!?!?!?

What’s your opinions on my review….

Off to go book a facial stat!! TTYLs loves!



The many looks of me

I figure how can I blog about style and beauty, if you’ve never seen even a micro glimpse into my sense of style.
So I decided to do a collage with a bit of my style and some of my most favorite looks from the past year. As you can see my size fluctuated and I am determined to get back into at least a 14/16, but look fabulous while doing it.
So I went a mini shopping spree with my Christmas gift cards, everyone knows the best sales are the day after Christmas, and I can’t wait to rock these outfits. I definitely pushed the envelope because everyone knows big girls aren’t supposed to do printed jeans, but I love them so much!!! (insert squeal) Can’t wait to post them!!!!!
TTYS dolls!

New Year/ New Beginnings

Every year everyone has these long list of resolutions and I’m no different, but this year I’m determined to not make the lazy/excuse monster get to me. So here goes nothing:

1. Stop making excuses- I am great at these. I have a reason for everything, blame it on my intelligence, but I have a theory, reason, explanation to why I won’t do something. I need to stop rationalizing and accept that I’m flawed and move on and do it or just say I won’t

2. Do something I love, even if it means failing! I have many hobbies, writing, flute playing, makeup, hair, fashion, even weight lifting, yet I do none of it. Why…… because I’m lazy. Me and my bff have made a pack that we will be holding each other accountable to accomplish one dream this year, mine is finally doing makeup. The reason why I haven’t done it…  And I go back to resolution 1 because I don’t know how to do it well…. Hell i didn’t know how to be a nurse, I learned how, so I’m going to learn how to master makeup, even if I suck at it eternally,

3. Get healthy. I was going to say lose weight, but that’s not what it’s about. I always find I feel better feel more confidant, have more energy, feel sexier, when I’m in the gym and getting my work out on. Could be the endorphins, hell it could be the smaller portion of buttery goodness I’m serving (My affectionate name for my belly), but I’m always happier. Am I going to veto fries completely no, but I have cut back the portions.

4. Fall in love. I think so many women don’t put this on their list because woman are taught not to chase men or look for love. But it’s a priority so why not be proactive about it.  But I am determined to be open to falling in love and open to going out a meeting new men or rediscovering the love that I have with someone else. I just know that what I have done in the past 11 months (I’m doing better this month 😉 ) ain’t working. As my 29th year of life approaches, I really would like the one thing that everyone wants: True Love.

5.Disciplined- I have horrible discipline (IE make excuse..look up 1) I really want to stick through things.

6. Save money- As I looked at my final pay stub and saw my take home. I simply wondered where did all the money go ok so about 15,000 went to household expenses and I did manage to pay off my car, and pull down my credit card bill but the rest… somewhere in my closet, was in my toilet(food and beverage) and my face (makeup). I really need to come to terms with a savings goal. I need to save at least $5,000 year minimum this year. I have no excuse (back to rule 1). I need to make outfits out of the walk in closet full of shoes and clothes scarves and crap that I haven’t worn. I know I won’t be able to go completely cold turkey, but come on. I need to fall back on the shopping!!!!! And embrace what I have…. which is a lot of shit.

So, expect something new every Thursday because I plan to blog at least every Thursday. So hopefully I have something good to say, whether it’s just my musing of life around me, it’s my new hurr (hair), my beat face or other faces I have beat (makeup lingo for popping makeup), shit maybe even an engagement ring! Hell anything can happen….. See you in 2013!!!!!!!



White Hot

So apparently, white jeans are the in for the fall! It is so not taboo anymore (take that you stuffy uptight nicks, clutching your pearls and holding your fashion rule book). And just because we are plus sized don’t mean we can’t get in on the trend. Lucky duck me, I happen to have a […]